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Secure Components, LLC.

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1000 East Main St. • Norristown, PA 19401


Company Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Todd Kramer CEO & Director of Quality 484-220-0550 [email protected]
Stephan Halper

COO & Director of Business Development

484-881-3125 [email protected]
Sales Team      
Michael Alfonse DLA & DoD Sales Manager 484-660-1180 [email protected]
Al Russell DLA & DoD Sales Manager 484-383-4891 [email protected]
Purchasing Team      
Andy Cho Senior Buyer 610-723-1785 [email protected]
Jesse Starcher Buyer 484-212-0831 [email protected]
Carol Banes

Administrator/ Expeditor

484-556-2125 [email protected]
Quality Team      
Kasey Gehman Quality Control Inspector 484-685-4979 [email protected]

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