Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Secure Components protects the Defense and Aerospace Industry and other high reliability supply chain systems, increases readiness and reliability, and decreases equipment downtime by providing our customers with authentic products in a timely manner.

Our Vision

First and foremost, Secure Components is a strategic sourcing company. We help to solve supply chain challenges arising from diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS). We recognize the vital importance of keeping legacy systems operational. As we continue to improve our process in conjunction with certifications and significant economic growth, we will earn the respect and reputation as the most reliable supplier of obsolete and hard-to-find material, procured from sources “other than authorized” by the OCM.  The nature of our industry is driven heavily by economic and national security concerns, which often require an alternative solution when a direct purchase from an OCM source is not an option. When situations demand procurement of material from sources “other than those authorized” by the OCM, Secure Components aims to fill that gap with confidence.

The Difference in Secure’s Vision

Most importantly, it is our desire to be the best company doing what we do. The products we supply are often used in “life critical” applications.  Failure is not an option! Everyone within our organization fully understands the demand for quality and diligence in every step of our process.

Secure Components is differentiated from our competition in our ethics, strategy, and corporate culture.

  • We focus first on recruiting and hiring educated employees who are  committed to serving our clients and are driven by team success.
  • Our company maintains a very high ethical focus, and we work diligently to create sustainable relationships.
  • We invest in and obtain the highest certifications and quality procedures available in order to provide fully functional and authentic material.
  • Every step of our internal processes are fully documented with flow charts and work instructions that allow us to train and maintain congruency within our company.
  • We continually develop and maintain sources that provide us with unique access to procuring authentic material not readily available to the marketplace.
  • We leverage our Small Business Classification and our ability to procure direct from authorized sources, allowing our clients a tremendous advantage when working government contracts.

Within the next 5 years, we are on track to achieve exponential and dramatic growth in market share.  Our corporate culture is positive, supportive, and fun, and we welcome anyone who would like to be a part of working with Secure Components to contact us. We are always eager to discuss how we can work together to create another successful relationship.

Core Values


  • Above all else, quality matters most.


  • We understand the value of our customers’ time and operate accordingly.


  • If the part can be found, we will find it and supply it.


  • We source parts from a wide range of traditional and nontraditional suppliers.


  • We will do whatever is necessary to find and deliver a part.
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