Procurement Expertise

Supplying Mission-Critical Products in Support of Legacy and Active Weapon Systems and Platforms.

Andy Cho, Senior Supply Chain Leader, is an industry veteran who has purchased obsolete, hard-to-find electronic components, and military hardware since 2008. His team allows in-house purchasing departments the ability to reduce the threat of business disruption, production delays, and meet mission critical deadlines when other suppliers fail to meet such criteria.



  • As an AS6081 Counterfeit avoidance Certified Company, our procurement dept adheres to the policies that govern this standard.
  • Sourcing parts on allocation by OCMs that extend lead times beyond required due dates.
  • Assisting customers facing legacy parts, obsolescence issues, or diminished manufacturing sources.
  • Providing expertise when clients have limited or incomplete part information necessitating review of drawings.
  • Maintaining relationships with vendors, OEMs, OCMs, and end-users who maintain excess stock from which we can draw.
  • Vetting unauthorized sources of supply to ensure safe transactions occurs and parts are authentic and fully functional.
  • Establishing nontraditional supply partnerships that allow access for genuine material that is not generally available or publicly promoted for sale.
  • Strong knowledge of ITAR rules and requirements when selling or sourcing internationally.

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While the Internet is certainly an important component in our sourcing strategy, it is truly just the “Tip of the Iceberg” in order to be a true leader of hard-to-find parts for the aerospace and defense clients we serve.

Procurement Going Global with Trusted Sources

  • Strategically embrace the global market place and identify quality suppliers with a proven track record who consistently perform to the AS9120 QMS standards.
  • Since quality is our #1 core value, qualifying legitimate suppliers is of paramount importance.
  • In accordance with our AS6081 Counterfeit Avoidance, Secure Component’s suppliers are thoroughly vetted and qualified from guidance within the AS6081 Counterfeit Avoidance standard.
  • We identify and establish relationships with trusted global suppliers who meet AS9120 and AS6081 Standards. These relationships have been a key component to our overall success and growth as a leader in procuring authentic and quality parts from the global market.
  • Secure Components boasts a bilingual staff capable of negotiating and communicating with international businesses.
  • More than 40% of our staff is bilingual, and we have leveraged this ability to build strong relationships with trusted suppliers on several continents.
Procurement Process

Commitment to Quality Procurement

Clients who recognize our commitment to quality know that we will not risk a long-term mutually beneficial relationship by providing them with sub-par parts. Examples of our organizational commitment to quality include:

  • A certified and experienced electrical component engineer leads our Quality Department
  • AS9120 certification – ITAR certification – G-19 membership
  • CAP designed from the SAE-AS6081 Counterfeit Avoidance Standard
  • Successful completion of over 3,000 contracts with the DoD
  • Founding member of the Distributors Advisory Group (DAG)
  • Successfully undergone multiple on-site quality audits by top-tier prime defense and aerospace contractors

Procurement’s Objectives

Increase Our Current “Procurement Partnership Program” with:

  • OEMs
  • Small international authorized distributors
  • Individuals or entities with knowledge of obsolete and allocated material with traceability
  • Expand supply agreements with premier military surplus suppliers within the NATO community

Let Us Help

If your organization is faced with an issues involving procurement, Secure Components would be glad to establish a meeting to discuss how we can work together to create a customized solution to your procurement goals.

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