Quality Assurance


Quality Matters Most

In most cases, the parts we procure and inspect will ultimately be relied upon by the war fighter on the battlefield or in an application that will likely be used in flight, space, or another life critical application. We have heavily invested in a robust quality department to meet the demands of the current counterfeit epidemic.

Lives Are at Risk

The defense and aerospace community requires specific legacy product be utilized, and procurement of material from sources “other than authorized” by the OCM may be the only option a company has to complete their project. This does not mean it is unreliable, but it does require specific actions. In today’s market, procurement from sources without traceability to the OCM requires very specific methods of purchasing and inspection be taken at every level in the supply chain. We understand that the lives of the end-users and the future of our business rely heavily on our ability to provide quality and authentic material in a transparent manner.

Accountable by Certification

Secure Components understands there is nothing more important than quality. In visiting our site, you will notice that we have invested heavily in creating a robust quality management system.

  • We are extremely proud of the fact that we are the first company in the world to be certified to the AS6081 counterfeit avoidance certification specifically designed to prevent counterfeit components from entering the supply chain.
  • The AS6081 certification is the companion to our AS9120-A certification, both of which will ensure that our company is held accountable to the highest standards a distributor can be held to within the aerospace industry.

Internationally Accredited Inspectors and On-site Visits

Our AS6081 Certification mandates regular outside audits of our Counterfeit Avoidance Plan (CAP) from internationally accredited assessment bodies. Additionally, we encourage our clients to visit our facility and meet with our quality team in Norristown, PA.  We welcome any specific inspection or audit of our processes that will ensure a high level of confidence in our ability to fulfill your quality requirements. If you have questions or interest in working with our company or would like to conduct an audit of our facility, please contact us.

List of Mandatory FAR and DFARS Flow-Down Clauses

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