Presidential Airlift Group

-David VanAssche, Former Chief Mission Director, Air Force One

“Secure Components has provided top-notch support to the DoD and DLA, enabling mission critical agencies to focus on counterfeit part mitigation. When I served the President as part of the Presidential Airlift Group, we were diligent about every detail, part and process that pertained to maintenance across the board; no detail was overlooked. Secure Components allows for continuity of operations and provides confidence that our military is being supplied with authentic components.” 

Homeland Security Foundation of America

 -Eric Brown, Homeland Security Foundation of America President and Chairman

“Secure Components provided the Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA)with subject matter expertise on supply chain and counterfeit part mitigation. Every day the world is changing and new threats are being uncovered. HSFA identified a vulnerability within the supply chain that could be devastating to those that protect our homeland. We rolled up our sleeves and examined the issue in tandem with Secure Components to identify best practices and develop a recommended approach. Their expertise, knowledge and guidance illustrated to me that they are the industry leader.”

IEC Electronics

-Mark Northrop, Vice President Advanced Technical Operations and Strategy

“IEC Electronics is a leading Contract Manufacturer that specializes in supporting clients in the Aerospace, Defense, Medical and other Hi-Reliability applications of electronics.  Recent changes by the Department of Defense regulations pertaining to electronic components demand both authenticity and DFAR Compliance on products we build.  We have a responsibility to our clients and our company to provide solutions that mitigate obsolescence issues and ensure reliable alternatives that are within acceptable DFAR parameters with an emphasis on counterfeit avoidance.  We have partnered with Secure Components to act as one of our strategic assets within the DMSMS program.  Secure’s primary role, initially, was to act as a certified procurement partner to locate and source obsolete electronics.  Secure has proven to be a significant partner in this process and continues to add value well beyond that which was originally promised.  Together, we have identified some of the most technological and innovative  tools to fight obsolescence and counterfeit parts issues.  Secure Components’ certification to the SAE AS6081 Counterfeit Avoidance Standard as well as its proven track record of performing with Large Government Contractors made this organization a perfect partner for our program.  Secure is aligned with IEC’s recent  addition of its testing service laboratory DRTL to list of commercial laboratories, which have a DLA Land and Maritime-VQ letter of suitability to test to the military specifications and the ISO 17025 accreditation. The transparency and honesty that Secure has provided has served as a valuable resource in meeting our company’s goals and objectives.  Secure Components has proven to be an effective, independent distributor continually demonstrating a very high degree of competence.  I have enjoyed our working relationship and look forward to increasing the interaction between our companies as IEC’s market share continues to grow.” 

Tinker Air Force Base


“I would like to thank [the] company personnel at Secure Components for their excellent support and service. Your DLA Account Manager took care of all my queries in a jiffy and still continues to exceed our company’s expectations. Secure Components provided me the most reasonable quote for some material that I needed to procure. Secure Components provided me with all of the traceability for this flange bolt that was at a work-stoppage for more than 280 days. Not only did Secure Components provide me with the traceability and pictures of this material that their Quality Control,  upon ordering one piece of the material to ensure it met our specifications and requirements, they also went as far as digging deeper into this material specifications to ensure that our engineering would grant the approval of this buy package. Vendor’s like this set the bar for our expectations on how to provide phenomenal customer service. If there is something that they cannot obtain they always politely inform me before they even proceed further with the quote, until they have spoken with me or my counter-part. When I urgently require status or information regarding a product, Secure Components provides me with the most up to date information from her vendor or shipping status and she relays this information to me within the hour. Secure Components was extremely attentive and listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. Secure Components also ensured that I received all the information regarding the time by which I would expect the material to be shipped. I have been, and continue to be, very thankful that Secure Components explains if they can compete with a different vendor or lower their price/lead time. Secure Components has a caring approach and, are true professionals. Please accept my gratitude towards the Secure Components team for their speedy and efficient services. I have been able to complete my buy packages within thirty minute increments thanks to their attentive and alert presence. I would especially like to commend Secure Components for their professionalism and superlative skills.”

Tinker Air Force Base


“Secure Components is very knowledgeable of the primary needs for us and they know when we call usually we are at a work stoppage and our needs here are immediate. When they quote material, they know what they are going to have to have and always come through when purchasing is able to locate the material needed…Secure Components is a very viable asset for us in the Periodic Depot Maintenance for Military Aircraft!”

Warner Robins Air Force Base


“I get very good responses from Secure Components. They always provides timely responses to my inquiries whether the item is available or not,” 

Tinker Air Force Base


“The customer service I receive from Secure Components is exceptional. Ther team’s ability to locate hard to find parts far exceeds any other vendor we deal with. The follow up (tracking info, mods of contract, etc.) are handled in an expedient manner and communication is excellent. Rarely have we had issues with parts delivered by Secure Components and when they do happen Secure goes out of its way to resolve them,” 

Anniston Army Depot


“We have been more than pleased with the support received from Secure Components in the past and will continue to draw on their abilities to assist us with any of our Long Lead Materials,” 

Warner Robins Air Force Base


“Secure Components has the best military account manager that I have had the pleasure to deal with in my over 35 years of [experience]. They are prompt, courteous, and willing to go the extra mile in order to provide support to our customers out in the field. I have yet to work with someone who can match Secure Components' professionalism,” 

US Coast Guard


“Great support from Secure Components .  It’s a pleasure working with them,” 

Warner Robins Air Force Base


“I love working with Secure Components, they are really a super customer service specialist and that means a great deal to me,” 

URS Federal Services


“It has been a great pleasure doing business with Secure Components. They are always on top of things and keeps us well informed,”

Warner Robins Air Force Base


“It is a pleasure working with Secure Components . They are always friendly and quick to respond to our needs here at DLA…I wish other suppliers would have the dedication when it comes to serving the customer,” 

Tobyhanna Army Depot


“Secure Components has consistently been very helpful as well as very pleasant in any procurement of hard to find and obsolete parts,” 

Tinker Air Force Base


“Secure Components is consistently the easiest vendor that I have had the pleasure to deal with in my 6 years as an Inventory Manager…They have become an integral part of supporting our Maintenance Line here.  They go out of their way to ensure every quote is accurate and they routinely check in with us by phone (a lost art in the digital age) to see if we are in need of support. I could not be effective at my job without them,”