What We Do

Our Mission

Secure Components protects the Defense and Aerospace Industry and other high reliability     supply chain systems, increase readiness and reliability, and decreases equipment downtime by providing our customers with authentic products in a timely manner.

We Partner with Supply Chains to Safely Procure

  • Any material not available from an authorized supplier by the OCM
  • Obsolete or legacy material
  • Components on allocation with the OCM
  • Components from “other than authorized” sources by the OCM
  • Stocking material for blanket orders

We are experts in leveraging nontraditional sourcing methods with a robust counterfeit avoidance program certified to the AS6081 Counterfeit Mitigation Standard. As a partner to in-house procurement teams, we act as the firewall between their core supply chain and potential line-down situations to ensure a safe and transparent procurement process. To learn more about our Procurement Team and processes, click here.

What We Source… Any item needed, not available via your normal suppliers

We have specific procurement expertise in the following areas:

  • Government surplus material of any FSC code or NSN
  • Mil-spec, hardware, fasteners, and assemblies
  • Aerospace-grade hardware, components, and sub-assemblies
  • Obsolete or allocated electronic components

Regardless of the commodity, with an NSN, NIIN, drawing, or manufacturer part number, we excel in safely locating and procuring the material required with your required documentation.

Preventing Line-Down Situations

Our clients come to us when an OCM claims that parts are not available when they are needed most. Your build schedule, delivery schedule, and the ability to meet the terms of your contract are threatened when this happens. The reality is that parts are generally available somewhere—just not readily available. These circumstances often require procurement of product outside the authorized supply chain, thus exposing your systems to the possibility of counterfeits.

Partnering and Protecting Your Supply Chain

Secure Components protects organizational supply chain systems and increases their level of risk mitigation on purchases from sources “other than authorized” by the OCM. We ensure parts are procured on time from sources that meet the required AS6081 compliance standards from suppliers. The dramatic impact the counterfeit epidemic has had on the marketplace will forever change the ways the aerospace and defense industry must approach procurement. The recent adoption of the SAE AS6081 counterfeit mitigation standard will bring transparency between the vendor and client to a level that has never before been available within the aerospace and defense broker industry. If you have interest in partnering with Secure Components, contact us for a time to schedule a conference call or visit to discuss your needs, or send your urgent need via our contact request.

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